Andrea Logan M.S.

Andrea red ALoganCrossFit Coach Andrea Logan M.S.

Click HERE  to read about Andrea’s decade long struggle  to live with an eating disorder. Today in her mid forties Andrea is stronger than ever and passionate about helping those who struggle with abnormal eating habits or insufficient or excessive food intake that may harm an individual’s physical and mental health. 

Andrea started her fitness career as a high school athlete and went on to distinguish herself in colligate level basketball and volleyball.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Campbell University in 1988.  Later she graduated with a Masters of Exercise Science and Sports Management from US Sports Academy in 1998.

In the beginning Andrea taught physical education to children in the Kindergarten through seventh grade for over 6 years.  During this time she remembers one autistic child who would not participate in the physical education program because of the chaos and difficulty. Through Andrea’s dedication, over time, she was able to build the child’s trust in her and she helped prepare the boy to go on to play sports throughout high school and then collegiately. Andrea’s elementary school work was the launching pad for her work as a high school sports conditioning coach for six years.  Two of her male soccer players trained with her at school and individually outside school hours. These boys went on to achieve athletic awards as All Area and All State champions and set the stage for their collegiate play.

A highlight of Andrea’s career is her work as personal trainer for “Semper Fit” with the US Marine corps for over 10 years.  She was in a Marine Corp mobile unit that traveled to different bases and brought various fitness programs to US Marine Corps units. Two of the local bases she supported were Camp Lejeune, NC and Cherry Point, NC.

Andrea has worked with many fitness organizations over the years and contributed to the local communities through programs she voluntarily conceived, organized and ran.  One such program was a triathlon for the “North Carolina Series Bandits Challenge” a program sponsored by the Wilkes, NC YMCA. Andrea has advanced her initial one to one fitness business to include small and large groups where the atmosphere far surpasses the experienced in the typical gym setting.  Bootcamp clients release their tension and stress through unique training like: The Aerobic benefits of beating a huge truck tire with a sledge hammer. The strength training and exhilaration of “strongman” tire flipping. Building great looking abs and strong arms by dragging, pushing and carrying large cinder blocks across the course. The motivation of that seventy-five year old, female marathoner in the group that challenges you to keep going.